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Devel Granny Flats

We were engaged by this leading granny flat builder in March to provide copy writing and content for their new website and then rank it on Google, especially for “Luxury Granny Flats” in all states of Australia.

The Graph below shows how our ranking process found within days the site debuting in spot 60 (page 7 of the Google search results) for “Luxury Granny Flats”

You can see that our tried and proven ‘white hat’ methods of optimisation to comply with Google’s quality guidelines found the site moved progressively up to spot 3 page one within 90 days (3 months) in all states of Australia. 30 days later it was elevated by Google to spot one and remains there today.

This ranking graph is not abnormal and reflects the ranking performance of many brand new sites we have worked on.

We get asked if this was the only key word that ranked and if all our efforts went into only this one. No, we are just showing the ranking graph here for the key word phrase “Luxury Granny Flats”  The are many others that we targeted also and sit in spot one page one in all states of Australia. These include: “Luxury Granny Flat Packages” “Custom Luxury Granny Flats” “Luxury Granny Flat Designs” & “Luxury Granny Flat Builders”