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Many ask what an SEO consultant or search engine optimization specialist actually does. More than 90% of Sydney SEO Partners work is getting websites out of a Google penalty. This is from past work done by webmasters that has been against Google’s stated guidelines.

There are numerous Google penalties and all have a negative impact on a website’s search rankings. When the website is crawled by a Google Bot or subjected to a manual review, if the website is outside Google’s algorithm guidelines it will be subject to penalty and fall in ranking. This can have a devastating impact on organic traffic numbers.

The algorithm updates that cause the penalties are code named after animals. For example, Google Penguin penalty impacts on websites that have used spam (unnatural) linking to artificially lift the website in the rankings in an unfair manner. A Google Panda Penalty targets websites that over use key words in the titles and content on the site to try and manipulate the Google’s ranking methodology.

Penalties can result in the drop in the rankings of every page of the website, for a specific page or for a specific keyword.

A common question asked is, “how do I know if my website is in penalty and if so which one?” To find out if a website has been subject to a Google penalty, a website owner can log into the Google Webmaster Tools associated with the site and check penalty notifications from Google. Another way is to analyse the timing of their ranking drop with the time of known Google updates.

How Does a Sydney SEO Partners Consultant Deal with a Website Ranking Penalty?

Key Word Stuffing Penalty

The panda penalty, which encompasses the over-use of key words, is easily fixed by simply reducing the incidence of them in the titles and body of the page.

This video is a very good explanation from Google of the appropriate use of key words and what Google is expecting to see in authority sites in 2015.

Unnatural linking Penalty

Google has encouraged webmasters and SEO consultants to stop the bad practices of 8 years ago and made it easy for them to remove past manipulative links. Google launched the Disavow tool on 16 October 2012 for webmasters to submit a report to them of the bad links they had. The Disavow tool was also launched in response to troubling reports of negative SEO being employed around the globe.

There has been some controversy if the Disavow tool has any effect. Sydney SEO Partners consultants can categorically confirm that when used properly and with all toxic links captured, the former ranking positions can be restored.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a term used to describe a third party attack on a website to force it into a Google penalty. This tactic by competing businesses commenced following the Penguin update in May 2012. It became common knowledge that Google would apply penalties for spammed and anchor text manipulative links so a negative SEO industry was borne overnight and still creates havoc for unsuspecting business owners by competitors today.

Companies need to be diligent in monitoring their back links to ensure they are not being subject to hostile spam linking attack by competitors through negative SEO services.


Can We Help You?

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