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Penalty Recovery Service

We put our penalty recovery expertise to the test here and reverse engineered the process to use the methodology in ranking our new penalty recovery website. You can see from the ranking graph that we had it ranking on page one in just two weeks! This was an extraordinary achievement and today it is in spot two for the global term, only behind Google’s help page on the subject.


Here is the press release we wrote and published that assisted the ranking process:

Sydney SEO Partners Launch Penalty Recovery Services

Eleven Media – ( July 15, 2017 ) Sydney, New South Wales — Mr Tony Adams, founder of Sydney SEO Partners, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website PenaltyRecovery.Services. This new division of Sydney SEO Partners will assist those seeking to engage a specialist consultancy to recover their website from of a Google ranking penalty.

Mr Adams stated, “this new division brings formality to the work that Sydney SEO Partners has done for some years now. It just formalises it and assists Australian and international business owners to identify the company as a specialist Google penalty recovery consultant with a significant reputation for doing this.”

It is unknown how many websites are in penalty around the globe or fall victim of one of the various Google updates each month. The reality is that there are huge numbers that drop in rankings when new updates are rolled out and unless attended to never recover. The first many business owners become aware of a penalty being imposed on their website is the order flow from the website ceases or the phone stops ringing.

Mr Adams said “The recovery team recognised the task of business owners selecting an experienced consultant service in this field is difficult to know who to trust. It was felt the best strategy to gain the recognition required was to establish the recovery division and it’s services on a stand alone basis.”

The new Penalty Recovery Services website is designed to be informative on all aspects of their work and fully details a money back guarantee which is similar to what Sydney SEO partners has become well known for. If recovery is not achieved in the agreed time a full refund is issued.

Mr Adams stated, ” over many years Google has rolled out a series of different updates with obscure updates just as diverse as the names given to them that include: Pigeon, Brandy, Platypus, Panda, Hummingbird and even the April 2015 mobile update nicked named Mobilegeddon. It has been really difficult for business owners to keep pace with these updates and when you over lay circa 500 updates to these algorithms alone in 2014, it really has become a specialist job to advise on this with authority.”

To learn more about the new Google Penalty Recovery Services refer to the website link: http://www.penaltyrecovery.services/

About Penalty Recovery Services:
Penalty Recovery Services is a specialist consultancy assisting local and international businesses recover their search engine rankings when they have been subject to a Google algorithm penalty. Its principal is Tony Adams, founder of Sydney SEO Partners.